Friday, June 20, 2014

T-Mobile's idea for streaming select music services for free is net neutrality in reverse

I wanted to share an interesting video with you guys, from Jupiter Broadcasting's new daily podcast, Tech Talk Today.

Specifically at 10:50 is where this specific video is relevant. Basically, T-Mobile's idea for free streaming of select music services without the data counting against consumer's data plans is the whole net neutrality problem, but in reverse. The video explains it quite well, so this is why I won't explain it in text. The video is below. If the video doesn't autostart at 10:50, then jump to it (or watch the video if you'd like).

I think the points that Chris makes are pretty valid. To be honest, I wish corporations would just stop trying to make money left and right, and stop and do something right for a change. Something that would ensure a fair Internet for many years and generations. It's pitiful that corporations don't feel the same way. Perhaps when the Internet is essentially destroyed by all of this, they'll see what they've done.

On a side note, the chat you'll see in the video wasn't hosted on Techman's World IRC (sad face). Sad, no?