Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Name & Shame: cod extended IRC services

Today's post takes a look at a IRC service package, written in Python. The name of the project is cod. The reason why I'm making this is to highlight the immaturity and unprofessional behaviors shown by lead developer Sam Dodrill.

The problem

When I was attempting to set up cod for the chat network, I encountered a few errors. Sam decided to close the issue I filed on the project's bug tracker, citing not having enough evidence, even though I posted log data and specified other details that he was asking for.

At heart, the problem with this is the neglect of support for InspIRCd. Because of the neglect of support with InspIRCd, cod soon became very buggy and unable to be used effectively on InspIRCd, shortly after Sam added support for it.


There wasn't a solution for this issue. Instead of Xe (his username) trying to help, he simply silently closed the issue until I confronted him and reopened it. I told Xe to stop advertising support for InspIRCd if he can't maintain support for it, and eventually he did after a while.


Here's the actual conversation on the GitHub issues page. I decided to take a screenshot of this, in case Xe decides to change the conversations once more (he removed a few of my comments before he locked the conversation).
You can click the image to view it larger.


I recommend that other people avoid Xe and his projects as much as possible. His actions and behaviors are clearly unprofessional.

This was a short, simple, and to the point post. cod is not worth my time anymore, but I did want to get the word out. Hope you all enjoy.