Sunday, May 25, 2014

Name & Shame: ServerCrate

I have decided to create a new segment here on Techman's World where I name and shame companies. Today, ServerCrate gets to be our first on the list! If you really want to know who these chumps are, go look them up on DuckDuckGo because I won't do them a service by linking them here.

Today ServerCrate decided to prove themselves at how terribly unprofessional they are, and I'd like to demonstrate that with some good old-fashion IRC logs. I'm sure all of you know how much I use IRC, and this is the first time I've actually ever featured some IRC interactions here on the site.

The backstory...

Someone in another channel on freenode linked me to an interesting website, called HighEndBox. Those of you who know about web hosting will probably remember the name LowEndBox, which makes the name 'HighEndBox' slightly more interesting, especially if you have never seen this before (which was surprisingly the case for me).

Without any more discussion until after the logs, here is the logs below. All times are Eastern (US). Some of the more interesting things are colored.

Sunday, May 25th, 2014
10:57 AM  ↔ +jgeboski (voiced), +puffrfish (voiced) and +AsadH (voiced) nipped out  
8:00 PM <+Techman> RobertClarke:
8:00 PM <+Techman> Did you see
8:00 PM <+Techman> I am not sure you will like that
10:07 PM Channel ban set for *!sid11863@gateway/web/ (+b) by @RobertClarke
10:07 PM ← You were kicked by RobertClarke (sid15465@gateway/web/ Techman

In a PM (private message)...

10:22 PM <Techman> Yo
10:22 PM <Techman> Why did you kickban me
10:23 PM <RobertClarke> 5:00 PM <•Techman> Did you see
10:23 PM <Techman> Yes
10:23 PM <Techman> I didn't mean that as an insult
10:23 PM <Techman> I was legit trying to ask you if you saw that
10:23 PM <RobertClarke> too bad
10:23 PM <Techman> You're going to kickban innocent people because they ask if you saw a website?
10:24 PM <Techman> How do you expect to get business if you have behavior like that
10:26 PM <RobertClarke> I don't deal with trolls
10:26 PM <Techman> I'm not trying to troll at all
10:26 PM <Techman> I didn't know you'd get so hostile over this man
10:26 PM <RobertClarke> If you'd like support for your trolls
10:26 PM <Techman> Jesus Christ
10:26 PM <RobertClarke> please head over to /dev/null
10:27 PM <Techman> Now you want to be a smartass over this?
10:27 PM <Techman> I come here, show you something I thought you might have wanted to see, and get kickbanned for it
10:27 PM <Techman> Then you tell me to head to /dev/null, which obviously is what it is

This is only a fraction of the action. There were more logs after this, but it increasingly got irrelevant to his hosting company. The rest of the logs are on pastebin, which I eventually told him I'd do if he wanted to continue treating me like this.

About ServerCrate

ServerCrate is just a small reseller hosting company that resells hosting. They are a reseller customer of Centarra. Due to the fact that all they are is just a reseller, I don't value them much to start with. It is always better to buy direct instead of a middleman.