Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CSS themes for IRCCloud

I just wanted to make a quick post about what I have been working with recently with my CSS hacks that I've stuck on a git repo.

For those of you who use IRCCloud, I have created a few themes to change the font of IRCCloud, and one to hide the annoying upgrade banner (for those that this applies to). Some themes, such as IRCCloud-ComicSans, changes the font theme of IRCCloud from their sans-serif offering to Comic Sans MS. As little as a theme this sounds, I actually had to go back a few times to update styling for a few form elements, namely <input> and <textarea> boxes. Note, this only applies to the IRCCloud web app; there is no way to style the mobile apps besides actually forking the code of the mobile apps.

My styles are available on my GitHub repo. If you like them, etc. feel free to drop a comment below or on IRC (click the Live Chat button above). It is greatly appreciated :).