Thursday, January 23, 2014

What happened to the recent posts widget? Here's what happened

Even though this change has been in effect for a few weeks now I wanted to explain why recent posts widget that used to be on the site is now missing.

A few weeks back, when checking out my website as an average reader, I noticed that the sidebar widget I used starting giving 404 errors. At first I thought that it was a temporary derp but soon after I realized that there really is something wrong with the widget.

Of course, I tried contacting the developer. Didn't get a response so I had no choice but to remove the widget from the website. Frankly, when I was about to remove the widget, there was a notice that the widget is no longer available, by Google. So, it looks like someone already complained to Google and they found the widget broken and removed it from everyone's website.

In the mean time, if you really want to see the recent posts the mobile site is adequate enough for use, for now. I'll search for a better widget provider and if I can't do that I'll find a way to build my own in-house widget so that I'll never have to deal with this issue again.