Friday, January 17, 2014

Projects I follow on GitHub

While I am not always writing on the site, I am still however doing other activities. Here is a list of projects I follow on GitHub. Most of them are related/have to do with IRC.

I wanted to make a post about these projects because I look at them more often and when I can, I get involved. It also is a good help to see commits, etc while I am trying to learn C and C++.

Note: This list is up to date, as the date of this post. Newer lists probably would be new posts, etc.
  1. InspIRCd -- a completely modular IRC daemon written in C++
  2. Anope -- IRC services that I use on Techman's World IRC (1.8 branch is C, 2.0 is C++)
  3. Atheme
  4. Charybdis
  5. Cloudbot
  6. IRCCloud/Android
  7. IRCCloud/iOS