Sunday, December 29, 2013

Playing Minecraft on the PS3

One of the "gifts" I decided to by myself this holiday season was the long-waited for Minecraft: PS3 edition game. For folks not familiar with what Minecraft actually is, click here.

Ever heard of a Minecraft addiction? As crazy as it sounds, I think it is true. I have seen a few of my friends in real life and online play Minecraft and get "addicted" to the game -- wanting to play it all the time and basically put themselves under a rock playing the game so much. After playing Minecraft I must say that I'm starting to get my own little addiction myself. Although I can easily get off of the game if I have/need to, I believe part of what feeds interest into the game are 3 basic things:

  1. There's so much to do!
  2. All of the potential for adventure
  3. The desire to create whatever hits your mind
I think all of the points speak for themselves. For point 1, I am referring to all of the things you can do in the game, and how many things are on your to-do list. For example, in a game I was playing just a few hours ago I was busy building another chicken farm while also having to deal with building a minecart rail system between my house and a friend's house in the game.

At some point I might post some screenshots of my house. Maybe 4J Studios can add a way to take screenshots in the game instead of me having to manually take screenshots with my camera (which is okay because the camera is good, but you know...).

So far, I have been playing Minecraft on the PS3 for days. I have managed to mine a lot of cobblestone and coal, gold, and iron. I even found diamond, which I used to make an enchanted diamond pickaxe and an enchantment table. I've created plenty of farms, both animal farms as well as crop farms. It'll take a long time before I ever run out of food (in fact, I have a large chest that is full of food).

I did run across a few issues while playing the game though. The most critical/serious thing I could think of was that the first map I generated had a save file corruption when I tried to load the map a day later. I was really annoyed, but copied the seed from an old map and generated a new one, and made sure that the save option would work as expected.  Yes, I do have backups but PlayStation Plus backed up the corrupted save -_-.

If you have Minecraft on your PS3 and want to play with me, get in touch with me via the comments or the live chat and let me know and I can work it out with you. Happy mining!