Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why I love Bing Rewards

In the past I have written a little about some popular search engines. For example, a few days ago I wrote a tutorial on DuckDuckGo and how to set it as your default search engine on Chrome.

Today I'm writing a little about Bing again. Why Bing? Well, if you didn't quite catch the memo from the site's article header then you'd see that I am talking about Bing Rewards. At first glance some folks would simply amount Bing Rewards to be worthless.

I'm here to prove that statement wrong. Yesterday I decided to take my 950 or so credits and cash it in on two $5 Amazon gift cards, which left me with about 45 credits. Thanks to doing my normal searching over the course of a year (or more, who knows), I now have extra change in my Amazon account.

Does Google offer some kind of search rewards program? Last time I checked, they didn't. Now, this doesn't account for anything that might have happened in the past. Google could have very well offered a search and earn program like Bing has currently, but could have been a thing in the past. I think Google and Bing could get even more competitive if Google offered a very similar program to Bing Rewards. Google could even hit the jackpot if they actually deposited real money into Google Wallet, for example.

Bing Rewards also allows you to redeem your credits for all kinds of rewards. You can donate to charity, buy flowers from ProFlowers, cash in your credits on numerous offered gift cards of varying amounts, and more. To see their list of all items you an redeem your credits on, click here.

So, why do I love Bing Rewards? It is a no-nonsense way for you to get rewarded for continuing on in your daily life. In no way am I urging you to use Bing, but if you don't mind using Bing, then I recommend you try out Bing Rewards. You might like it.