Thursday, July 11, 2013

The official Twitter account for Techman's World is now active again, thanks to TweetDeck

I wanted to make a quick post to announce that the official Techman's World Twitter account is now active again. Previously I announced to just follow my personal Twitter for site updates, but with this announcement that will no longer be necessary (although you're still welcome to follow me though).

I wanted to give a little credit to Donna White from AVC, because she recommended TweetDeck as a way for me to manage multiple Twitter accounts at once, because previously I said that logging in and out of Twitter was time consuming and wasn't exactly an efficient way to do Twitter.

What I did was grab TweetDeck for Windows and installed it on Ubuntu through WINE. I connected my personal Twitter as well as the Techman's World account, and customized the columns. Here's what it looks like on Ubuntu. TweetDeck doesn't exactly display the things the way they should, like the avatars for some users, for example.
While TweetDeck doesn't function exactly as it would do in normal Windows, but through WiINE it is still very usable
While TweetDeck doesn't look exactly as it should in Windows, it is still very usable with the expensive of some images not displaying as the should. Maybe TweetDeck should make a Linux app?
If you don't follow the Techman's World Twitter account and you wish to, click here. If you want to follow mine, it is listed in the description on the Techman's World Twitter page.