Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chatting on Techman's World IRC is now even easier!

With the launch of Techman's World IRC just a few days ago, I have been hard at work adding features and fixing any potential problems trying to make the newly-born net the best it can be.

One of those features added is webchat. While I plan to compile and eventually use qwebIRC as the web IRC client, I chose to use mibbit for now since it's easy to set up. The chat page for Techman's World IRC can be found by clicking here

I encourage you to check it out, since I just added it and would appreciate as much feedback as I can get. Did I also mention that your connection to the web client is in HTTPS, and the connection from mibbit to my IRC server is through SSL?

Hope you guys enjoy! Future updates about Techman's World IRC can be found on it's sub-site,

Update: I switched the IRC client to KiwiIRC instead, which is ad free and open sourced. It also performs better than Mibbit in my testing.