Saturday, June 8, 2013

Want a Google Drive for Linux desktop application? Signing this petition might help

A year or so back Google promised Linux users that it was in plans to release a Google Drive for Linux desktop client. Jump ahead a year, and there is no sign of a Linux client in any shape or form.

Before I get more in depth with the topic of this article, Google has numerous applications that it creates on other platforms available on Linux. A great example is Google Chrome, its popular web browser. Google Earth is also available on Linux. Other software that was released by Google for Linux was WINE wrapped, so I'm not going to mention those.

Google also has Android, Chrome OS, and its own Ubuntu flavor Goobuntu, which are all powered by Linux. Goobuntu is Google's in-house version of Ubuntu that it uses. It features its own custom repos for Google's own purposes, and its own customizations, etc. Google not only runs Linux on its servers, it also runs Linux on its desktops.

Since Google has failed to release a Drive client for Linux in a timely manner, it appears that Linux users are starting to be more aggressive in their demands by creating a petition that already has thousands of signatures.

The petition, hosted on, has 3,930 supporters at the time of this writing. Only 1,069 signatures are needed to "complete" the petition. If you wish to see Google release a Drive client for Linux (like it should), you can click the link above and add your name to the list.