Thursday, June 13, 2013

System76 introduces refreshed Gazelle Professional featuring Intel Haswell CPUs, Iris graphics, and more!

The new Gazelle Professional (gazp9), front view
Along with the launch with a new laptop (which will be covered in just a bit), the Gazelle Professional also received a refresh that is sure to please potential buys looking to buy a powerful Ubuntu laptop.

New Ubuntu Key
The new custom made Ubuntu key on the Gazelle Professional
Along with the new Galago laptop, the Gazelle Professional now features a custom manufactured Ubuntu key. That's right -- no more stickers covering the before-now Windows super key. For those that don't know the super key opens the Unity dash in Ubuntu. Now that we have a dedicated Ubuntu key, the laptop definitely feels more Ubuntu native.

New Storage Options
Buys can now choose mSATA storage options when purchasing the refreshed Gazelle Professional.

New generation CPUs and Graphics
Intel 4th Generation Haswell CPUs
The Gazelle Professional features the new 4th generation Haswell CPUs from Intel, as well as the improved Iris graphics, the HD 4600. The Iris graphics features a major boost, and is now capable of playing most PC games in moderate to high settings.

New Display Options
Rear view of the Gazelle Professional's Display
The Gazelle features a refreshed IPS LED back lit display, with a matte finish. The other, default option is a glossy finish with a LED back lit display. Both displays offer crisp 1080p resolution.