Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reminder: Google Reader to be discontinued July 1st, 2013

At the posting of this article, it is July 29, 2013. I wanted to take the time to give everyone a reminder about the upcoming shut down of Google's Reader service, which was a cloud application for viewing RSS feeds. A lot of people still have sour tastes in their mouths from that announcement we are finally approaching the final cut-off date.

While looking at RSS feed alternatives is on my todo list for things to cover, I have personally switched over to using feedly. I recommend that everyone else does the same because it offers a similar interface to Google Reader that makes you feel more at home.

When you visit the feedly homepage, just login using your Google account and feedly will automatically import all of your Google Reader RSS feeds and display them. One thing about the recent feedly cloud update is no longer the need for a browser extension to use feedly in the browser. Feedly Cloud is now a web app that does not rely on extensions.

If you want to visit Reader one last time before it goes, I suggest you do now. It is highly unlikely that Google will ever bring it's "popular" RSS feed service back from the graveyard.