Thursday, June 6, 2013

President Obama calls for 99% of US schools to have high-speed internet within 5 years

Today in Mooresville, NC, President Barack Obama toured a school where every student had a laptop and declared that 99% of US students should have super fast internet within 5 years. According to Obama only 1/5 of the students in the United States have access to high speed internet.

According to the AP, Obama states that his plan doesn't require congressional approval, which is the best part of this plan according to him. This project can be placed under an existing program, according to Obama. The funding of this project has already been budgeted out, and a slight increase in the phone tax could be used to provide more money when necessary. The plan, of course, will cost billions of dollars.

Connecting students to a faster internet is very logical, as it is a learning tool and a form of communication. In my very own local school district where I live, we use the internet at every chance we get to connect and inspire kids to learn. Email communication and use of interactive whiteboards is an example.

What do you think about this movement from Obama? I personally think it's a good move -- its a shame that some of my nation's schools don't have access to high speed internet, which is a potential hinder to the education of kids who attend those schools.