Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Giveaway] Win 90 days free of premium VPN service, courtesy of Kepard

Although I'm a bit late to writing about this a few weeks ago a lady from Kepard emailed me asking if I would do a giveaway involving their VPN services. I asked for some more details, and I decided that I will go through with the giveaway.

Kepard is offering 3 lucky winners a free premium account for their VPN services, for 90 days. These accounts offer the same services and protection as an ordinary subscriber. Kepard offers 5 servers worldwide that offer the ability to get around geographical restrictions, etc and you can change servers as much as you like without a penalty.

For those that don't quite know what a VPN is, click here to learn about it.

How to enter
Entering a Techman's World giveaway is the same as any other --  just drop a comment below. Please use a Disqus account, or post a comment as a guest. If you log into the comment embed using a social account like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc then your email will not show with your comment in my moderation interface. If I can't see your email than I can't enter you into the contest!

This contest will run for two weeks, and on the last day of the contest I will draw the winners. If you win I will notify you via email and Kepard will promptly set you up an account. The contest will end on July 3rd, 2013 at 7pm EST.