Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Friday: Find the feature

If you take a quick look at Techman's World at the moment, you might notice that it is a bit slimmer...and that's the point.

Yesterday, I wrote that I was cleaning up the website a bit, specifically post labels. I also announced that I was probably gutting the alternative share widget and relocating the reload comments link. Not only did I do that, I basically reduced or eliminated widgets that offers little to no benefit to users, therefore speeding up page load times.

Here's some of the changes I made:
  1. I reduced the size of the "Recent Posts" widget. It now shows about 15 posts, which reduces the size of the page slightly, while taking minimal user experience impacts, if any.
  2. The Twitter follow buttons widget is gone, as Twitter options can be found on the social page.
  3. The "People Online" widget is now gone, since the analytics were never accurate. For example, I had over 200 views on the Bitdefender review post within 2 hours yesterday, and the people online widget reflected a very little amount of actual viewers, ~4 at the most the last time I checked.
  4. I reduced the "Top Posts This Week" widget from 5 posts to 3 posts, which has surprisingly increased actual analytical accuracy as far as views are concerned.
  5. The reload comments button/link was relocated.
I relocated the reload function to somewhere in the webpage. This is where this week's fun Friday comes into place. If you think you're a very good spotter, I challenge you to find where I have relocated it. Here's a hint: it is located somewhere in the site where Disqus is involved.

I know, it's not that much fun as my previous posts, but this was a last second idea that I had. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have made a fun Friday post.