Monday, March 11, 2013

Microsoft will update IE10 on Windows 8 and WinRT to enable Flash 'by default'

Microsoft Surface. Credit: Microsoft
Microsoft will release an update tomorrow for their Windows 8 and RT operating systems which will enable flash 'by default'.

Microsoft partnered with Adobe with optimize Flash for touch, performance, security, reliability, and battery life. Battery life is probably one of the biggest points for optimization. However, the update does have a catch. Websites that are on Microsoft's compatibility view list won't be able to run flash, because the site(s) in question are not optimized for touch, or depend on other plugins.

In the table below, this is how flash will be "turned on" by default:

Windows 8 Windows RT
Immersive IE Enabled unless on CV list Enabled unless on CV list
Desktop IE Enabled on all sites Enabled unless on CV list
Basically, if you run Internet Explorer 10 desktop form, Flash will run on all websites. For everything else, flash won't load if the site is on Microsoft's compatibility view list.

A few weeks back, Internet Explorer 10 was released for Windows 7, stable. That update brought along more standards support and more features.