Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bing gets a redesigned search settings & history page

Bing, Microsoft's solution the the popular Google search engine, has had an update applied to the search settings and history pages, which has been live for about a week or two. From my testing, this update should be available to just about everyone in the United States. I am unable to confirm if the update has rolled out to other countries or not because, of course, I don't live in other countries besides the US.

The redesigned page itself doesn't really change all that much, but has the more modern design to Microsoft's services, which used to be called Metro. As for the rest of Bing, it remains normal.

Here's a few screenshots of the redesigned search settings page, and search history page. The settings are similar before and after the slight UI change. The settings snapshot is a partial one, because I can't screen capture the entire webpage on my smaller screen. Click the images to view them larger.
Search history settings page redesigned

Search settings redesigned