Sunday, January 13, 2013

Windows Phone 8 does run the NT kernel, especially after this

If you had a doubt on what kernel Windows Phone 8 runs, your doubts will be put to bed now, with this quite amusing (in my opinion) stop error. It's not really a blue screen, because the screen is not blue, for one. It's a black background with white text

Multiple users have sent in pictures of this, effectively confirming it:
Windows Phone 8 showing stop error -- via TheNextWeb
This, you see here, is a stop error. On normal desktop machines the actual background would be blue, giving it the popular name Blue Screen of Death. Take a look at the picture closely.

It says that Windows couldn't start because of a file missing (yada yada yada...), but as a suggestion for recovery it suggests you to enter you Windows installation disc to perform a recovery process. Now that just doesn't add up, because where would you connect a CD drive?

Now if you are on the fence side, this doesn't happen normally. According to Windows phone support you had to have been messing with your phone to cause something like this.
I wonder what you guys think of this.