Monday, January 7, 2013

Nvidia announces Project Shield handheld gaming system

NVIDIA Project Shield (front view)
As if the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita (PSP is kinda being considered obsolete now) weren't enough, NVIDIA has announced their own portable game console, for now referred to as Project Shield.

This video game console will be powered by the new coming NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which of course will be more powerful and will be the successor to the Tegra 3. It will be playing console quality games (naturally), and will still provide a mobile experience.

The Project Shield gaming system is unique if you ask me; one reason is because you can actually stream video games  from your GeForce GTX 650 or above, so you can still play video games that are for PC from mobile, though it works similarly with the PlayStation 3's remote play feature. All processing for PC games will still be done on your PC, but controls and the actual display of the game will be on the Project Shield. Note that for now only Windows is supported and there is no word on Linux support (sadly).

Project Shield boasts full, stock Android with 4.2 on board. Because it runs Android it can play any game available in the Google Play Store. You can also still use apps as well, so you are not locked down to just games.

Project Shield will have a multi touch display along with a "Custom, bass-reflex, tuned port audio system". Audio system is said to deliver a mobile experience like no other mobile device has done before. The resolution of the screen is 720p at 294 dpi.

Project Shield will contain 802.11n 2x2 MIMO game-speed WiFi, so there should be no issue with streaming games. They even say that since there's no lag, there's no excuse on their product page. I can agree with that :)

From the header shot above you can see that the actual controller part of the device looks similar to the one featured on the Xbox 360 home-based video game console. For actual gamers who dig buttons and joysticks, this will be a nice addition. I myself prefer a controller compared to just a touchscreen with digital buttons.

The Project Shield system was just shown off at CES, and has no price announced. It is expected to arrive in Q2, so we'll just have to wait. Would you think NVIDIA would consider letting me review this item?

To see the full gallery of press photos, click here. More info about the NVIDIA Project Shield can be founded at the source.

Source: NVIDIA Project Shield Website