Friday, January 11, 2013

Google releases new beta channel for Chrome on Android 4.0+

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If you have a PC, and you are a bit of an extremist, tech savvy or something else, you can always download Chrome in its beta form, which is a precursor to the final product that comes out as chrome stable. There are beta channels for Windows, Mac, Linux, and of course Chrome OS. Starting yesterday you can add Chrome beta builds for Android 4.0 and up.

Using beta builds gives you earlier access to new features, and of course software bugs you could encounter because remember that this is not stable, it's beta. And of course the new features might not be smooth when first implemented.

Google will update the beta version when they see fit, so it's not exactly daily builds, which is a more extreme form of testing software (and being extreme). If you want to test out the Chrome betas you can do so even easier because you can install Chrome beta along your existing install of Chrome for Android. That's right -- so if you really want to you can do so.

You can download Chrome for Android (beta channel) from the Google Play store. If you want you have to use the direct link to the app, as you won't find it by searching.

Will you be installing Chrome for Android beta on your phone?