Monday, December 31, 2012

Ubuntu is launching something new on Wednesday, what do you think it will be?

If you have been following Ubuntu's website today, you might notice a countdown banner front and center on the home page. At the time I took this screenshot, it looked like this:
So close, you can almost touch it -- is the banner on Ubuntu's website at the time of this post
So from the banner we read "so close, you can almost touch it." Right now Canonical, the company that created Ubuntu and funds its development, has nothing to say besides this banner. Knowing what Ubuntu has been doing lately, this banner can mean many things. There could be a lot of combinations for what product can churn out, just from that banner.

So close you can almost touch it, eh? Well from the looks of those words, my first thought would be that Canonical could have partnered up with a hardware company to produce some kind of Ubuntu phone or tablet. It makes sense, right?

However, it could be something else. We could also be over-speculating this, which is also a valid and possibly true point. This banner could be there just to stir up the Ubuntu community, and then churn out a "not so exciting" product, as I would put it. Knowing Canonical, they could  have just outed a new fancy t-shirt. Then again, this is the first time I've seen them do something like this.

Until Wednesday, we have just a day and mere hours to think out what the launch could be, so why not drop some thoughts below? The ideas for what this launch could be is seemingly endless, but these are just a few of my thoughts.

We'll know Wednesday, that's for sure.