Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Todoist releases apps for Windows and Mac OS X

Popular task and to do list company Todoist has released some new native apps out today, this time for the desktop. In addition to having mobile apps, and a clean web interface, they are now releasing desktop apps for those who wish to enjoy Todist without the need for a web browser. With this release the total number of platforms supported is 9.

The new apps use the same interface as the normal HTML5 web interface, so there is no  learning curve to use the desktop apps. The desktop apps also sync automatically, like the other Todoist apps do.
"Desktop platforms are far from dying and our newest apps are a stepping stone to bring Todoist everywhere. Using HTML5 technology our users don't need to learn another interface and they can get all the benefits from a desktop app like offline access, keyboard shortcuts, etc," affirms Amir Salihefendic, the founder of Todoist.
Todoist also has been looked at by major media entities with the recent release of iOS and Android apps. I myself am taking a look at the Android app. A review should be out eventually from me, after I use it enough of course.