Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Opinion] SkyDrive's mobile website for smartphones needs to be improved

Despite SkyDrive having an app for Android and other smartphones, I don't use it because it takes up a bit of space and you cannot move the app to your SD card. I just use SkyDrive's mobile site for smartphones  Some of the simplest of features are missing and it almost forces you to use the SkyDrive app if you are looking to do anything more than view files.
One of the most missing features is the ability to upload and create folders. This is what I was referring to when I said the mobile site is basically view only. You have to currently use the app to upload files and create folders.

You can currently download files to you phone, which is nice, but you don't have any type of file management from the user interface as well. They could add at least something I would imagine.

And finally, the choice how to list your files needs to be added. On the SkyDrive main site you can choose from a thumbnail view or a list view. I typically use the list view most often and I only use the thumbnail view to choose photos that I need to rename before I put them on the website.

Anyone else have ideas?