Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nintendo's final issue of 'Nintendo Power' ships this month

First and last issue of Nintendo power
This very well could be the end of an era, or to most people it will be. Remember a few months back when I said that Nintendo Power was coming to a close, and the last issue would be later on in the year? Well if you missed that post, the end of the year is now here.

The Nintendo Power team wanted to pay tribute to the very first release of Nintendo Power by creating the magazine's cover to mimic the one back in the day. You can see that a lot has changed then, both in actual objects/characters and graphics.

The final issue of Nintendo power will ship on December 11, so if you want it go ahead and get it. On a separate note, prices for the first issue of Nintendo power have already skyrocketed on Ebay. One's even listing for $300 bucks!