Sunday, December 30, 2012

China requires a real name with internet and phone sign-ups

Internet around the world.
Well everyone knows about China and how they are a bit restrictive on their internet over there, to say the least. They have been in the news many times; one example is blocking many famous websites. In this new round of restricting the internet over there, China passed a new law that requires users to use their real names when signing up for internet and telephone connections, forgetting usage.

This makes it harder for folks in China to remain anonymous on the internet, making it harder for them to voice their opinions against the Chinese government. The government will know exactly who was the person who released info or said something.

If a page or post is deemed "illegal information," service hosts now have to delete its public presence, archive it and pass the content along to authorities. However China says that there should be no issue if users stay on the good side of the law, but who knows. One thing for sure is that people favoring the collapse of the Chinese government ought to keep quiet, at least for now anyways.