Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Verizon killing VCAST app store in January 2013

Phone showing the VCAST app loading
If you are planning on getting some apps on your Android phone, you probably aren't going to use the VCAST app store are you? Apparently no else was going to either, and via their developer site Verizon is announcing the shuttering of the service this coming January.

VCAST was delivered to Android devices by Verizon back in 2010. The idea of the app was to allow you to charge app and subscription purchases to your phone bill, which was not supported by the Android Market client back in that time. Verizon controlled the ecosystem, and took a slice of the sales. As it turns out, developers were scarcely more interested in VCast than consumers were, and the system never took off.

Later this month Verizon will alert users of this change, because there is icon on those phones for VCAST. Apps that require subscriptions or monthly license checks will be removed from the store very soon to limit further purchases. This coming January, Verizon will start to remotely remove the application from millons of handsets. The process of removal should be done by March.

You'll have to keep going along with Google Play, which now supports carrier billing on Verizon phones.