Tuesday, November 20, 2012

System76 Christmas Specials Arrive Early

System76 has brought in the Christmas spirit even faster then expected, releasing some sweet deals before Thanksgiving is even over with! System76 Press Lady Emma Marshall send me an email yesterday with the following updates.

The first update is the launch of the Bonobo Extreme laptop. I'll cover this more in a separate article as it is a very exciting and more in detail. Update: click here for the article.
  • $100 off new Bonobo Extreme (more on this in the other article)
  • $50 off Sable Complete and Leopard Extreme desktops
  • Free hard drive upgrades on select laptops and desktops
If you haven't seen the System76 website yet, they do have a nice change with their logo, with the "Santa Hat" as I like to call it, to the right of their logo. I'll keep you posted if they have any more sweet offers before Christmas comes.