Friday, November 16, 2012

Saving a Bing Wallpaper via Mozilla Firefox & FireBug

And the Bing posts go on! I have so far covered Internet Explorer 8 (and 9 really), and Google Chrome. Now I must do Firefox, and possibly Opera and then I'll be done. I'm pretty sure that you can all catch on with the web inspector method, but I'll do step by step tutorials anyways.

In this tutorial I am using something called Firebug. Firebug is a free extension that you can install to Firefox that provides a way more advance web inspector then the basic inspector that Firefox provides you. If you do not use Firebug, then I recommend you download it by going here. This tutorial really doesn't require the Firebug extension to be installed, but the tutorial is much simpler with it.

Here is the steps for  getting the Bing wallpaper images via Mozilla Firefox and Firebug:
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Navigate to Bing's homepage (
  3. Right click anywhere that is not on a clear information popup
  4. Choose "Inspect Element with Firefox"
  5. Click on "bgDiv" element. Look at the CSS panel on the right
  6. Scroll down if necessary, and then right click on the background-image: url(). Rule. Choose to open image in a new tab
  7. Enjoy
You can see all of the steps outlined below in a video. This is the 4th video Techman's World has done. All of the videos were Ubuntu, but the past 3 was 10.04 LTS. This video is my actual Ubuntu install on my hard drive.