Monday, November 5, 2012

Chris Pirillo lives his life without limits

Chris Pirillo. Image via Wikipedia
If you are very fond with the tech community, you know that Chris Pirillo is probably one of the medium-popularity techie. He has never stared in an ad, at least that I know of.

This post has the most to do about T-Mobile, but you'll see the part where Chris comes on. T-Mobile is usually represented by Carly Foulkes, the person who's dressed in pink and has more recently been in a more "manly" form by riding motorcycles. Carly now has competition from major geek Chris Pirillo. Chris is in many ways different from Carly. He's been a geek for a long time with his site LockerGnome, which was founded since 1996.

“I think I’ve always been myself, and comfortable in my own skin,” says Pirillo during his narration. The ad has been viewed nearly 200,000 times since its release on YouTube. Chris agreed to the ad on the spot, and here is what he had to say when we asked him:

“I said “yes” because I thought it was a pretty cool idea — that, coupled with the never-ending series of emails I receive from boys and girls who are just like me when I was their age,” he said. “They want to know how they can turn their own passions into a career — which is what I started to do in 1996, long before YouTube or Twitter (or even blogs) existed. Those people in my community are a part of my legacy.”
He also added:
“I’ve never had the opportunity to surface my story like this before. Someone could watch the video five years from now and hopefully get as much out of it as they would have today. That’s the staying power of technology as an enabler. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for being themselves?” 
However, this might not be just a out of nowhere situation. There are other reports that T-Mobile making other ads as well with other "semi-celebs" such as pro surfer Jamie Sterling and DJ RJD2.

You can see the ad video below.