Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BitTorrent App for Android Updated

If you like to download files via Torrent on your Android Phone, and use the BitTorrent app on your phone, you should have gotten a notification of an update today, or it should have already been installed if you have that option checked on the Google Play install page.

This version, which is 1.11, does not feature any real new features, but does include improvements. Several crashes problems have been corrected, and there was a good feature introduced for those who prefer to download torrents over WiFi. The BitTorrent app now includes the ability to download torrents while only on WiFi networks.

Those of you who keep mind of your data plans will love this feature, as torrents will only be handled while on WiFi.

Like I said before, the update should have already been installed, or if not it is available in the Play Store, on the app's download page.