Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 DVD Now Available

Ubuntu 12.10 discs have now arrived. These discs are DVDs, because a while back it was announced that the ISO size would be 800 MB.

Ubuntu Desktop and Server editions will come on physical media, as every version of the OS was offered physically before it.

You can buy Ubuntu discs from the Canonical store, or you can get them in Ubuntu events. At Ubuntu events, these officially branded discs are handed out to free to the audience  and even some Ubuntu Local Communities hand these discs out to users who can't upgrade their operating System over the internet.

The price of one disc will be $7.99. If my mind serves me correctly, this price is a bit higher then the previous versions of the discs. I would not blame Canonical, though, because after all, these are DVD discs, not CDs. If you need more information, head over to the Canonical Store.

Below is a picture of past covers of the Ubuntu discs.