Friday, October 19, 2012

System76 to start shipping Ubuntu 12.10 PCs Starting this Monday

Yesterday was the release of Ubuntu 12.10, and for the most part everyone was excited. It boasted a lot of new features, as well as criticism. Popular Ubuntu PC OEM System76 was excited as well, and Emma has informed me about when they are going to ship computers with the latest OS installed.
From the title, we can all now gather that they are going to start shipping 12.10 PCs starting Monday. As far as preloaded software that System76 puts on their computers so you can use certain features (such as Cheese for the webcams on the laptops), it is still the same. If you head over to the System76 website right now, you'll see that their order forms already reflect the new release, even a few hours before the new release was released.

System76 also updated their home page photo to reflect the new release. That is below.