Monday, October 15, 2012

Raspberry Pi Model B gets RAM boast to a total of 512 MB, still keeps the same price

A while back I did a really good article on the Raspberry. It really is an interesting device, and it can definitely support basic computer tasks such as browsing the web and checking email. If you got a Raspberry Pi, then congratulations because right now they are in extreme demand, and right now they have a whole back log.
When the Pi first came out, as as well as when it was announced, many of you have complained from the beginning about the rather small 256 MB max RAM cap. In fact, that is probably the most frequently asked question for the Raspberry Pi, no kidding.

If you were one of those questioners, then today I have some good news. Today the UK based outfit announced that instead of offering a  higher priced model with more RAM, the already existent and higher tier B model will be upgraded to 512 megs of RAM. All current and outstanding orders will get this upgrade.

So if you decided to hold off, then now is your chance to capitalize. This does rise one question out of me though, and that is will the Pi ever get more RAM upgrades, ruining the buyer's initial investment? Think about it -- all of those people that got the model B without the RAM upgrade must be angry or somehow affected by this change.

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