Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PlayStation Store redesign going live in Australia, Europe and New Zealand

Reports are coming in that Sony was speaking of a PSN redesign coming real soon. The redesign is coming in, and from what I have read it is so far live in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.
Sony says that this redesign is supposed to be cleaner, and search is supposed to be more intelligent by making you be able to find anything related to a video game. Right now the store does have some issues, though, as there are many reports of the Store acting very slowly due to the new amount of traffic trying to access the new store interface. PS Plus is also having issues with problems with adding funds and recognizing PS Plus memberships.

I guess I could say that these issues are a good thing, as the US is a much larger scale and it is good to have issues fixed sooner rather then later, where the issues can be even more worse. The official North American launch of this new redesign is set for October 23rd. If I can manage a way to snap pictures, I'll try my best to do an in depth look for you.

Update: Here is a video for all of you.

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