Monday, October 8, 2012

Opps! HSN accidentially reveals Windows 8 PCs!

I'm sure that you may have seen this on major news outlets, but if you didn't let me explain. It appears that the popular television shopping network HSN was marketing new Windows 8 machines, and apparently they weren't supposed too.

The folks over there were probably too excited about the new machines, releasing several Windows 8 machines on their website over the weekend.

Since that, Microsoft has asked HSN to remove those listings of the machines. HSN has complied, but as of now you can still access tutorial videos on how to use Windows 8 on the HSN website.

Of course you can't see the PC's listed on the HSN website anymore, but plenty of news agencies took snapshots of the pages, and posted them on their websites. The following are from ZDNet and Everything Microsoft.
 Also on the HSN website was a clear signal of OEM bloatware, which some people thought would be absent from Windows 8. It is now clear that only a few OEMs will be offering Windows 8 bloat-free. Picture below.
You can read more on the stuff that these PC's include on ZDnet. Let me know of your thoughts on the comments below.