Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy did more damage then you think it did

The flood was devestating.
If you live in the US or have generally been following the news around the world, you'll know that there was a hurricane going along the east coast of the United States. Thankfully, I was not seriously affected. I can't say so for the rest of the north.

The storm was powerful. Not because it had a high wind speed, but because the storm moved slowly, and it was so large in size that it spanned a few states in length. Yesterday, Hurricane Sandy made landfall. So far the storm is still working its way inward, but not before baring its teeth at the internet as well.

Numerous websites have now gone offline,  probably to either protect their servers, or power to the servers was lost and their backup power supplies lasted long enough for the servers to shut themselves down. An example of one website that went down was Gawker. I snapped this image this morning. You can see that the servers can't be reached.
Other sites are offline as well, but I showed Gawker because for the most part its considered a popular web site. They were even featured in an Amazon ad yesterday.

One other thing that did affect me personally was DNS. DNS is a service on the internet that translates domain names into their IP addresses. Techman's World has an IP address, but it has multiple ones. You can read up about this by visiting
this page on Wikipedia. Basically, the idea is the same. You type in www.techmansworld.com and you are taken to the site because your DNS service translated my domain name into an IP address. One of Verizon's DNS servers were not down, but was experiencing some issues. That gave me a problem because now web sites were not loading correctly. The server is located in New Jersey. Some nice folks in the #jupiterbroadcasting IRC room on GeekShed suggested Google DNS to use instead anyways. I'll make a seperate post on that as soon as I do just a tad more research.

So...what are your thoughts on this? Hopefully those sites will come back online as soon as they can. It appears that my guesses were correct. Gawker is not down because of power outages, but because of a flood of "seafoam, or something".

You can view their twitter account by going here.

Update 10-31-12 @ 5:48 AM: Take a look at Gawker's new landing page. For now, updates.gawker.com points to a temporary blog while they still work to get their data centers up.
 If you visit Gawker right now, you'll get this landing page and you'll be automatically redirected to their updates Tumblr site.