Friday, October 26, 2012

Firefox Plugin Management in CCleaner v3.24.1850

Mozilla Firefox
In the latest release of CCleaner, the software has added management for Mozilla Firefox Extensions and plugins.

If you didn't look at the post, basically you can now manage Firefox plugins and extensions directly from CCleaner instead of having to start up Firefox and manage them from within the program. Lots of users will appreciate this feature just because they don't have to launch Firefox to do this. If you are a user of Chrome, there is feature for this yet, but I'll go ahead and submit the suggestion to Piriform for review.

To get to the Firefox Plugins and Extensions Management within CCleaner, then do this:
  1. Open CCleaner
  2. Click "Tools" from the left navigation bar
  3. Select "Startup" from the top of the area
  4. Select "Firefox/Mozilla"
The management lets you enable, disable, and delete plugins/extensions. I do have to say, though, that you can't delete everything. You'll have to uninstall that plugin from its source I believe.

Below is a nice shot of what the area looks like. Click to expand the image.
Of course, you can also check out my plugins and extensions that I have installed. Feel free to judge me :)