Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dolphin Web Browser for Android Updated

Earlier today, an update to the Dolphin Browser was delivered by the Google Play Store. You should have gotten the update automatically without noticing, but if you turned off automatic updating you should have a notification in your notifications area.

This release of Dolphin is not really about adding any "big" features, but instead adding some lower scale features and fixing bugs. The release was a small one file size wise, with my phone reporting only a ~3.81 update to download.

One of the issues fixed in this release was the Google images issue. Some users were reporting that they were unable to "download Google images." Users with this problem should not have the issue no more in the update.

As stated before, there a few bugs fixed as well. Another feature that was inroduced in this release was the ability to dim your screen at night for those who browse the web on your phone. If you browse at night, you should find this as a useful feature.

Exising features have had features tacked onto them, or improved on some sort of way. List below.
  • Dolphin Jetpack Compatibility: The only Dolphin Browser to work Jetpack Add-on.
  • Camera: Improved support of camera for web apps while browsing.
  • Night Mode: Easily dim your screen to lower brightness level when browsing at night
  • Dolphin Connect: Option to sync your data only when connected to Wifi
  • Dolphin Sonar: Even easier and user friendly
If you also did not know, Dolphin Browser is the #1 third party browser on Android. Features such as Sonar give it a competing edge against other browsers, third party or not. Techman's World did an official review of this browser a few weeks ago, and the review is a good and interesting read complete with text and so many screenshots that they couldn't all be put on the page! Photos can be found in the linked photo album on the blog post.