Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bummer! : Bieber has his laptop stolen

It appears that on Wednesday night at a sold out crowd at the Tocama Dome. Bieber fans were having their fun, but it appears that right now Bieber is not having fun now.

From reports around the net, as well as popular news outlets, the pop star's personal laptop has been stolen. A short time later after he discovered this, he tweeted the following tweets. I'm sure that Bieber feels bad, as I would certainly be seriously angry if someone even attempted to steal something from me.

As you can see from the tweet above, Bieber states that he had some personal footage on that laptop. Now I don't know if he anything else on the machine, but we can only assume.

How he could have prevented this...
Sure, this was bad, but I'm sure that there is plenty of ways to get his laptop secure, and make the risk of getting his laptop stolen a very unlikely scenerio.
  1. First off, he should not have his laptop out. If he didn't then he should have not have even made a hint that he had is computer with him. If that is not the case, then his security team was not that good.
  2. Install remote software on his computer. By remote software, I am talking specifically about remote management software, such as stuff Sys admins would install on their company's computers are even little apps like Lookout security suite that is very popular on the Android operating system. He could have at least installed some app that could allow him to lock his machine remotely, as soon as the laptop gains an internet connection. He could also remotely wipe the laptop using this came method if he wished.
Of course, this is his personal laptop. I don't think that he is really big on security, but on the other hand he has enough money to protect his private data, and keep his private info...private. I think that this is a well lesson learned, and perhaps now next time he should be a bit more careful when it comes to his electronic devices.

And now, this leaves one final question. What do you think that this thief did to the data that he is mining?  My  mind is mostly set on that user trying to sell that information. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below. I have an excellent idea for a fun Friday tomorrow, and it is going to be about something related to this article.