Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Want a Linux Laptop OEM Retail Store?

While I got this info a few days ago, I am now ready to write about it. A few days, fellow member Andrew Schmidt sent me an email telling me of what he wants to do -- and how I can help.
In the Linux world, there is basically 2 "good" vendors that sell Linux laptops with a Linux OS preinstalled. Those 2 vendors are System76 and ZaReason. I have written about System76 a lot so far, announcing their latest deals, newest options for buying, etc. I am even on their press list. As for ZaReason, I don't cover them much. For one, I am not on their press list, if they even have one.

Right now that doesn't matter. You can always buy ZaReason online, but how about a retail store? Andrew mentioned that he would want to open one in Canada, because he wants to help ZaReason expand globally.

Here is exactly what he said in his initial email:

I am hoping to aid that expansion but would like to try to open shop in a country close to HQ so that we can get the basics of opening a retail store down. I have therefore started a fund for the creation of a retail store in Canada. Our goal is to reach 125,000 USD!
Andrew has made a project page at gofundme, something from what I see is something similar to kickstarter. I'm not saying that you should go ahead and donate, that is up to you. If you do want to make a person's dream come true, and also spread Linux around, then you might want to consider helping Andrew.