Tuesday, September 18, 2012

System76 redesigns their site with new fall theme and offers

Just wanted to say upfront that I covered the offers in a article right before this one. Click here to see it.

In that same email mentioned earlier in the other article, Emma also informed me of a site change on the home page. In addition, I have also noticed the thumbnails for the System76 laptops have been updated. I'd personally like to know where to get those backgrounds that they used.

Back to the site, the picture is actually System76 CEO Carl Richell sitting down with a Lemur Ultra in this lap, composing a document in LibreOffice, a free and open source Office suite that comes included with Ubuntu on the disc image. He is working in the mountains according to the email, not sure where exactly.

The image can be seen below, also showing the fall specials info to the left. If you are interested in seeing the offers, as well as just to browse other portions of their site, click here.
Click the image to view it larger.