Thursday, September 13, 2012

System76 lowers prices for their desktops and their hard drives

Did you know that System76 has an area
where you can buy shirts? Guess you
can get your hands on some "System76
In addition to that email that Emma replied to earlier, she also wanted to share some more secret info me, and this time they have secretly lowered some of the prices of the desktops that they sell, as well as hard drives for those machines.

If you didn't know, right now System76 has 3 desktops for sale. It might look a bit different, because some desktops have sold out, specifically the Meercat Ion Nettop.

The Wild Dog Performance base price is $849 now, down from $879. The Leopard Extreme is down to $1,349 from $1,399. System76 has also lowered the prices of their 1 and 2 TB drives, thanks to a recent supplier discount that they passed on to use consumers.

Not to brag or promote System76, but that is very nice of them to pass on savings to their customers. Try to look for that in a big corporation, and you might die if you held your breath. Now the true test is when costs go back up (knock on wood they don't, as the US economy does NOT need that). Will System76 pass on rising costs to their customers immediately, or will they try to "take the hit" so to speak before eventually giving and having to pass on costs.

And also, it is nice that System76 is sending me exclusive info, at least that is as far as I know.