Saturday, September 15, 2012

So, did you watch PSY perform "Gangnam Style" here in the US?

So on Thursday I announced that PSY was coming to NYC on Tuesday, and that PSY was going to be on the NBC Today show. Well yesterday he was, and I just wanted to embed a collection of YouTube vids that I found.

I would love to give more props to the video from Ellen, as that is the video where I actually saw how to move your feet to dance Gangnam style. I could try to describe it in words, but I think the video (all in HD too!, but embedded in 360p to fit the blog post width) would teach you better then I would in words.

I will tell you a "famous" quote that PSY said during that video, and it makes sense:
"...mindset of this dance is to dress classy, and dance cheesy."
 The Ellen video is embedded below.
The next video is from someone who had a front row seat to see the concert on the Today show. The sound was not so good, but it is decent. Just don't turn your computer's sound up real loud. Still, I think a front row seat is valuable for seeing the concert. I'll also embed another video from the official Today Show YouTube Channel or their website if you prefer that instead of the video embedded below. My idea is that maybe the concert was way too loud and that camera's microphone was just not up to that challenge. That's just my opinion.

That video is below.

And finally, here is the official Today embed from their own website. This is not YouTube, but I will embed the YouTube version because it is easier to manage (you'll know what I mean if you are a web developer)

Today video below.
Hope you enjoyed that vid. Once again, if I find a YouTube version, I'll embed that instead.

And a funny spin of Gangnam Style...
While this video has nothing to do with the concert, I think this video is still funny. So say hello to Pony Gangnam Style.
Let me know of your thoughts of these videos in the comments below.