Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Microsoft Reveals Office 2013 Pricing

Office 2013 is the newest version of Office that is being released by Microsoft. It is dated for a release next year, around January. Right now you can try out the newest version of Office while it is in its beta period. For more details, visit office.com

After taking a look at the chart above, you'll notice something new. That new discovery is subscriptions. This is new. There are some new advantages of  having a subscription version of Office instead of having a full license.

  • The cost is noticeably less! 
  • Office 365 users get 20 GB of extra storage of SkyDrive storage, but right now it is not clear if that gets added to the 7 GB you get by default or that is the starting amount of space you get.
Additionally, if you are a Office 365 Small Business Premium user, you also get:
  • Shared Calandar with a 25 GB mailbox
  • 10 Gigabyte plus 500 Megabyte per user access to business document storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • The option to create company websites, share documents and stay connected to a team
That plan does have disadvantages, as shown in the chart above. Those are SkyDrive storage and the Skype world minutes per month.

The traditional versions of Office has taken a major blow this time around, as now there is only the option to install the software on 1 PC, when previously you could get a package where you could install Office 2013 on 3 machines.

There is a downside to the subscription package as well. If you are planning to use this in the long run, then you would be spending too much money, and especially if you were going to install and use this on only one PC.