Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hate Windows 8? You still have hope when buying a new Windows PC

Ever since Windows 8 was introduced, many people have shown their dislike and hatred for Windows 8. If you thought that you would be forced into using Windows 8 on your new PC, I have some good news.

If you buy a new Windows 8 Pro machine, you can downgrade all the way back to Vista, but not Windows XP this time using the same OEM license. This is really good news for manufacturers because they could technically include a Windows 7 disc in the box along with your new Windows 8 machine, so you can choose to install Windows 7.
Alternatively, the OEM could also preinstall Windows 7 at the factory, and include a Windows 8 upgrade disc. You could then choose to upgrade whenever you want, or never upgrade at all if you choose.

What would you do? Would you downgrade from Windows 8? Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.
Source: PCWorld