Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogger releases dynamic views for mobile

According to Blogger, over two million blogs are using their newest style of templates, the dynamic views template. This template is based off of HTML5 technology, and it offers many reading views. Blogger has also said that many users of the dynamic views templates liked it on the desktop, and want it on mobile. Starting today, at least part of the dynamic views style of templates has arrived for mobile.

The style of templates for now that is supported is the "Classic" view. It looks like this:
It has dynamic width, so it benefits from the more space you give it width wise.

To set this template, just go to your template area of your Blogger Dashboard, and click the gear/cog icon  under the mobile template. From the list, you can choose dynamic views.
The template is tested to work for WebKit browsers. Those include Chrome, Safari, and the Android. I have not tested Firefox yet, so I can't confirm on compatibility.

If you have a Blogger that uses dynamic templates, let me know of your thoughts below. Techman's World does not use the dynamic views templates because widgets in the template do not work well. In addition, Disqus does not load on dynamic templates. The current template that Techman's World uses is one of the Awesome, Inc templates. I might shed that for another template also because IE9 support is not good (look at my warning if you use IE9).