Monday, September 3, 2012

Blogger Mobile App for Android

So a few days ago I purchased my first Android phone. I surfed the Play store for some apps to download. One of the apps that I downloaded was the Blogger mobile app.
Using the app is pretty simple. You log in, and your most recently registered blog is highlighted. For me, that was Michael's Tech Tips. I clicked my blog name to choose Techman's World, my only active site at the moment.

Overall, though, this app was not as good as it should be. Of you attempt to finish or edit a post from the web version of Blogger, you will only see the bare HTML code for the post, not the compose mode from the web version of Blogger. This leads me to believe that text submitted will be in the default font set in your blog's template.

In addition, you also can't edit blog settings or even view stats from the app. This disappoints me because you should at least be able to view blog stats.

Tring to use the new Blogger web interface on your Android's browser is not as good either, because functions don't function properly at all.

Hope Google improves the mobile app because it could really do better. I should have known the app was low on features because of the file size.

You can do basic formatting like bold and italics, though. And you can insert hyperlinks, though I haven't tried using yet.

This app was typed entirely in the Blogger app. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.
Update: It also appears that the Blogger mobile app does not allow you to set the post's time as well. I made a quick edit to a post I sibmitted yesterday, and Blogger has refreshed the time to today's date. Hope Google fixes this as well