Saturday, September 8, 2012

An update to Ubuntu Popular Package Installer

Well after creating this little app a few months back, I am deciding to discontinue it. I created the app to make it easy to install popular apps on Ubuntu. But I figured out that it didn't really take off.

Well it was never intended to really take off, but I eventually realized something that is better fit for this, the Ubuntu Software Center. It did this apps job, and much more. So today I am announcing Ubuntu Popular Package Installer's retirement. What will happen is that the app will be updated to have one button, and that is to launch the software center. If you really liked this app, then I am sorry. I will make a seperate folder containing the last version.

Also, the app had about 2 incorrect terminal commands in it, and no one actually told me about it until I tried it myself. I'll probably fix the problems (remove the buttons), then update the app.

I guess this is a sad day for some, but once again no one really used it. Sorry if this upsets anyone.