Monday, September 17, 2012

Adobe Photoshop will not support XP in its next major release

If you still use XP as your machine that handles your graphics editing, and you use PhotoShop as your raster graphics editor, then I have bad news for you going forward. From now on, keep in mind that newer major versions of Adobe PhotoShop will cut support for Windows XP.

PhotoShop CS6 will the be last version to support XP. Adobe is stating that advances in more modern OS' and graphics processing have allowed for more 3D and Lighting Effect improvements, ones that can't be render in older Windows versions.  Adobe added that specific Creative Cloud updates will also skip over Windows XP users, even if they still take up fair chunk of the PC crowd.

It's also worth noting that Vista doesn't support CS6 either, so anyone looking to upgrade will have to upgrade to Windows 7, or wait a bit longer to get the latest upcoming release of Windows, Windows 8.